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Making Physical Security a Critical Pillar of your Cybersecurity Strategy

Data breaches happen every day, ranging from the minor to the massive. Sadly, an increasing number of organizations have discovered how leaving your data vulnerable can compromise your business operations and damage your reputation.

Physical security is a vitally important business practice: it can prevent unauthorized persons from entering your business and causing harm, mitigate workplace violence, and protect your intellectual property from corporate espionage.

    This is why organizations must consider physical security as a primary pillar of their cybersecurity strategy. In this special 30-minute webinar, you’ll discover how…

    • Physical breaches can facilitate hacking
    • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities can create physical threats
    • Physical security devices can be used as attack surfaces
    • Entrance security should be the focal point of your physical security
    • Video surveillance can not only protect your perimeter, but also protect sensitive areas of the business

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