OnDemand Webinar

What is Vision AI and Why Should I Care?

Security and operations teams are challenged daily with recognizing and responding rapidly to safety threats, and protecting people and property while still optimizing the customer experience. Increasingly, your success depends on fast, accurate, and reliable identification of people.

Vision AI plays a key role in empowering security teams with a better understanding and level of response to real-time events occurring on a property through actionable intelligence to keep your customers, employees, and visitors safe.

    This webinar covers:

    • Use cases for Vision AI, including strengthening your facility’s perimeter with access control, transforming on-premise cameras into active security systems, and providing location- and time-based alerts when a person of interest (POI) enters your facility
    • How Vision AI can recognize persons of interest and authorized personnel even when they’re not looking directly at the camera or wearing a mask
    • Tips for incorporating this technology into your existing access control and watchlist alerting infrastructure without breaking your budget
    • How leading companies are leveraging Vision AI to effectively improve visitor management, uphold health and safety guidelines, and enhance the overall tenant/employee experience and well-being

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