OnDemand Webinar

Eliminate Security Silos in Your Multi-Site Organization to Prevent Repeat Offenses

Security professionals have a critical and difficult job - keeping eyes on everything across multiple large premises and preventing harm before it occurs. However, achieving full transparency across your organizations and security teams is often met with many challenges such as lack of real time alerts, communication barriers between security teams, and insufficient ways of sharing information. That’s why having a bird’s eye view of your organization is paramount to keeping your staff and customers safe.

By eliminating these security silos, your entire organization, and most importantly, your HQ security staff can receive the data and information they need - in real time - in order to eliminate repeated offenses, prevent multi-site targeted threats, and operate at a higher level of efficiency.

    This webinar covers:

    • Real world challenges multi-site operations face
    • How to get a birds eye view of your organization with Oosto
    • What a holistic security solution that drives operational excellence and security looks like

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