OnDemand Webinar

Preventing Fan Violence: 7 Tips for Moving from Reactive to Proactive Security

Unfortunately, people can be unpredictable. The more people that there are at an event or moving through a public space, the more likely it is that something will go wrong.

Being able to recognize security threats in real-time is crucial for ensuring the safety of all guests. Whether it be physical altercations between fans or unauthorized entry on the field, security teams often struggle to investigate these incidents in real-time, identify hooligans, and prevent them from disrupting your events.

    This webinar covers:

    • Common safety challenges that stadiums face
    • How to effectively monitor suspicious activity in real-time before it leads to a security breach while ensuring the safety and security of patrons, spectators, attendees, and innocent bystanders
    • How to intelligently deploy AI video surveillance within your existing infrastructure to ensure there are no blind spots and that you can quickly identify bad actors in real-time and prevent them from accessing your stadium in the future
    • How to accelerate investigations by rapidly pinpointing persons of interest across multiple cameras to quickly identify and catch suspects

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