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How Facial Recognition Can Transform Your Surveillance Team into a Revenue-Generating Machine

Traditionally, video surveillance systems with facial recognition have been deployed to identify persons of interest and facilitate investigations. The focus has primarily been on loss prevention and threat mitigation. But, this narrow application of the technology limits its true potential and reinforces the perception that surveillance teams are mere cost centers.

Thanks to Vision AI, facial recognition and video analytics can enable new use cases that enhance the customer experience, streamline compliance, and pinpoint operational bottlenecks.

    View this webinar to hear Creek Nation Casino, AnyVision, and Orion Security Solutions discuss:

    • 7 emerging use cases of AI-based video surveillance and facial recognition
    • How to sell the value and ROI of AI-based video surveillance to internal stakeholders
    • How to address the thorny issue of data privacy and ethics with modern facial recognition
    • Practical tips for deploying the technology for maximum impact and efficiency

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